• The Universe pendant


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    This pendant has been in the making for about 10 years! 

    While visiting Malacca with my husband, I was introduced to the Peranakan period jewelry. I especially like the faceted stones set “upside down” where I could see the facets. With this piece of jewelry, has been set with the pink sapphire it’s faceted side up. Since we were living in Singapore and didn't have our equipment with us, we had the blue aquamarine (oval) cut in Thailand. My husband and I mined for the sparkling druzy in the Gila Forest  in the beautiful Apache Creek (elevation of 6683 feet) near the majestic Tularosa River of southwestern New Mexico

    Product:  Druzy round 26.61 mm; Pink sapphire 4.29 mm; Aquamarine 8.61 mm X 7.24 mm set in Sterling Silver

    Measures:  ~64.35 mm X ~58.88 mm