• Silver Ice Bubbles Chalcedony


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    The beauty of this chalcedony is the silver botryoidal (grape like or bubble tops) is in unique the display of bubbles. Nature's artistry always fascinates me with it's beauty! 

    Collected in Lee Russell Canyon north of Apache Creek, NM near the majestic Tularosa River of southwestern New Mexico. This place is gorgeous with the tall pines whispering and quietness of no road and/or city noise. Along with the various birds, squirrels, and cows, you might have the opportunity to see a bear or elk!  A great place to hike!

    We have had this stone for a couple of years but have waited until we produced a design that displays the natural beauty of the botryoidal chalcedony. What makes this piece so interesting is that we were able to keep the matrix that the botryoidal formed on top of. The stone is wrapped in silver.
    Dimensions: ~55 mm X 23 mm