• Hand-crafted glass and India black paper earrings


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    Earrings: Hand-crafted earrings are made with: 

    • top layer with white & picass Czech glass; 
    • second layer with an olive rustic glass saucer beads which are handmade in Ghana Africa;
    • third layer with another piece of white & picass glass from the Czech. 
    • Dangling from the glass work is the handmade pebble-textured cotton paper from India. This Indian paper is made by hand then machine embossed to provide a unique pebble pattern. The embossing allows the light to shine off all the different angles of the embossed pattern, almost like mica. With a matte, metallic finish, this embossed paper provides depth and texture not possible with smooth sheets of paper. 
    • The ear wires are handmade with silver wire