• Dangling Amazonite and Yellow Feldspar pendant


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    Product: Two-piece dandling pendant; elongated shield amazonite on top; oval yellow feldspar dangling from the bottom set in sterling silver with 20" silver plated chain.

    Qualities:  The Amazonite is a variety of microcline. A green to blue-green variety of K-feldspar, usually microcline,   but sometimes applied to orthoclase. The yellow feldspar is characterized by cross-hatch twinning that forms as a result of the transformation of monoclinic orthoclase into triclinic microcline. Measuring 6 in hardness on the Moh's scale.

    Collection Site:  Found this golden colored of feldspar only once in this location. This gold feldspar was collected in the Ligon Mine sometime during the mid 1970's in the farming area of Chula, Amelia County, Virginia. The site is no longer available for collecting. The amazonite was collected at the Morefileld Mine in Amelia Courthouse, Virginia. The Smithsonian Museum has a wonderful mine venue of Morefield that exhibits a mine shaft as well as depicting the mine itself, with vivid bands of blue-green amazonite.

    Measures:  17 mm X 9.5 mm

    Color:  Amazonite - greenish/blue and Feldspar is yellow

    Metaphysical:  Amazonite stone is a strong stone for communicating, and is particularly helpful if you sometimes find it difficult to tell the truth.