Colorado Amazonite Bar Necklace


Product:  A beautiful bar of Colorado amazonite set in sterling silver hanging on an 20" silver plated chain.

Qualities: The Amazonite is a variety of microcline. A green to blue-green variety of K-feldspar, usually microcline, but sometimes applied to orthoclase. Measuring 6 in hardness on the Moh's scale.

Collection Site:  The amazonite was collected from Crystal Park is situated on the eastern slope of Camerons Cone, a 10,700-foot conical peak southeast of the summit of Pikes Peak. Just to the east of Camerons Cone, the mountains form a protected, bowl-shaped valley called Crystal Park

Measures:  Stone: 22 mm X 5.9 mm; Pendant: 32.5 mm  X 13 mm

Color:  Blue with black veining

Metaphysical  Amazonite stone is a strong stone for communicating, and is particularly helpful if you sometimes find it difficult to tell the truth.