Offer statement, one-of-a-kind, contemporary jewelry with unique stones!



I’m working with chrysoprase to create statement jewelry! Should I make earrings out of these pieces for contemporary jewelry? Should I keep the brown matrix or cut it out! The color is so cool! Might make a nice bridesmaid gift or an unique engagement rings


Sterling Silver earrings


Having fun finishing some earrings! Some are blackened by oxidizing sterling silver! Would make for a special gift for a bridesmaid or mother of the bride contemporary jewelry!

Blue green tourmaline sterling silver ring

So much fun! Working on several projects!

About Us


Above and Beyond Quality


Doreen - the minimalist silversmith

A metalsmith who designs contemporary handcrafted jewelry with clean lines that make a bold statement!  I especially like to design asymmetrical pieces. I am inspired by shadows, nature, architecture or the gnat that interrupts my train of thought! 


Mike - the miner

Mike spends hours hiking the hills and lands to find special rocks. He brings these rocks home to cut and polish and then hands them over to Doreen. He is passionate about the nature and the rocks he finds! Show Mike your rocks as he enjoys sharing.